Weird huh?  But, the more I get involved with this, the more I realize there is a kind of snobbery when it comes to addiction.

Parents think their kids are ‘better addicts’ because they only use pills and have yet to take their drugs intravenously.  Kids, believing the same thing think they are safe and invincible.  So dangerous.  I’ve made every mistake in the book, so you need to listen…..

A serious alcoholic I know who has had every facet of their own life impacted by this disease, destroyed every relationship they were unable to sustain, destroyed their own life, and made those lives of everyone around them diminished, still feels superior to anyone who actually used a needle to administer their drug of choice.  I do kind of get it; your miserable addicted existence will more than likely exist for a much longer time if you don’t take intravenous heroin.  That is a fact, statistically you will live longer.  I have eventually come to the conclusion there are worse things than death, and I would not have wished that sad and depressing future for Kathrine.


I so get that everyone with an addictive substance abuse disorder will not end up dead with a needle in their arm, and in times gone by, most by far actually wouldn’t have.  Heroin and needles were for those back alley junkies with devastating beginnings and no chances in life.  Middle class kids would have had to work hard to get involved in the heroin culture, it was ‘not for you’ and it had a stigma.  Let our teens experiment with cocaine in the fraternity houses, but at least we knew they were too good for heroin.  Heroin was not ubiquitous in those times, and it was unlikely to be a decision they would ever have to make.

Now, every university in the United States has a heroin problem.  Every.  Single.  One.  Educated kids now have to make that choice, the choice that they really were not ever faced with before, certainly not on a daily basis.  Those kids previously who experimented with drugs in college either were predisposed with an addictive substance abuse disorder and now years later are either like that alcoholic I just described, or they are in recovery, or they are dead.   Or they weren’t, and they are living normal lives, raising children and should be thanking genetics for their good luck.  Remember, it is chemistry not character.

Are you still rating ‘your’ addict on a hierarchy scale, by their drug of choice or method they administer?

From someone who has made that mistake, I would encourage you to reevaluate and throw off the security blanket.  Before it’s too late.


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