Less than a week


I am the mother of an addict.  A very young 19-year-old quasi adult who took so much of my time and my energy…  that I gladly gave, and the majority of my waking thoughts, plus a lot of my semi-sleep ones too.  This photo was taken within a week before she died.

The void created in my heart on THAT day, the day she died, will never be filled.  Not ever.  And yet I continue to work every day to do just that.

In the last two days, I have worked on helping a newly clean addict find a place in a sober house, another addict in recovery to find a safe home to live in where nobody is looking for ‘payment in kind’. The father of an addict, whose child has for the first time agreed to get help, found some small relief today, and a lovely young lady who has been so successful in her recovery, had a slight slip and felt bad about herself but is back on track.  These are my friends.  I’ve been talking to one of the hardest working and committed group members we have about the great work she has been doing on Capitol Hill.  I have been working as part of a team who are trying to organize our first large fundraiser, a 5K race.  If we raise any money, it will be applied to great things.  Awareness, education, recovery programs and family support.  And I also have a full time job.

I have been asked how I find the time or energy, but of course, I now have the time and energy that I used to use having a relationship with my daughter.  But, here is the big thing.  For every minute I put into this, another person is putting in ten.  I feel overwhelmed, but others are doing so much more.  I read so many stories of parents who, after losing their children, focus on helping other…. I am certainly not unique, so many others have done this before me and very successfully.  I follow in their path and thank these people for their guidance, leadership and commitment.  I will not ever stop.

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